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Management Services


Coastal Property Management is a real estate services company in Midcoast Maine For over 20 years its owner, managers, and team, have established a leading reputation for integrity, reliability and commitment to generate the highest possible returns for clients and ensure tenants reside in safe, inspected housing.

We pride ourselves on showing real results. In the fourth quarter of 2015 alone, we were able to improve tenant reliability through Strong, timely, collection efforts, and responsiveness to tenant needs.

After over two decades in business, we have developed an approach and have access to technology tools that streamline processes and manage costs to obtain maximum profitability.

Coastal Property Management can assist you with objective, fair work estimates, sourcing materials and assessing local contractors and vendors.

We manage over 177 units valued at over $10.5 million in residential and commercial property owned by investors and those seeking consistent returns on property in one of Maine’s most scenic and up and coming waterfront towns and yachting mecca’s.

Market Exclusive Offer

  • Occupancy Warranty
  • Existing Agreement Penalty Coup
  • 24/7 Management Service
  • Maintenance
  • Legal Proceedings & Court Hearings, City, State, and Government Representation

Management Service

  • No matter the time and day, you will find us available 24/7 to provide you with any service regarding your property.
  • All building activities are tracked and monitored using a state-of-the-art property management system.
  • To reduce vacancy time, we’ve partnered with local and global rental search engines and classifieds including Zillow, Facebook,
  • Online application and lease signing tools enable a swift transition between tenants.
  • New tenant screening is one of the most important steps in the leasing process. We run a credit check, verify job and income, and search for eviction history and criminal records. Taking these precautions guarantees any new tenant stepping into your building will be the right one.


All buildings are maintained by:

  • To minimize surprise costs of any kind, we take anticipatory measures and document all maintenance.
  • Full building inspections are conducted regularly based on owner preference and need.
  • We make sure off-limits areas are marked, locked and secured to prevent injuries of tenants and/or workers.
  • Building regulations are strictly enforced.
  • Building facilities – garbage room, laundry site, roof deck, playgrounds, backyards and storage spaces – are maximized to give tenants added convenience and safety. This features also works to make your property highly desirable.
  • All inspections – Fire Department, Boiler, Electricity, Gas, etc. – are made in a timely manner to ensure safety.

Finance Services

  • We do all the building’s bookkeeping and payroll through our property management system.
  • All incomes and expenses are kept in a separate operating account for each building/owner.
  • All security deposits are held in separate accounts.
  • Separate monthly reports are created for each building.
  • We provide all supporting documentation to file for taxes.
  • Full transparency is provided on all statements and reports at all times and is available online through our owners portal.

Legal Proceedings

  • Management and legal representation will attend any and all court hearings to resolve pending actions or files for action.
  • We will work in tandem with all city and state agencies:
    • Maine Housing
    • Social Services, Local Code Offices, IRS
    • We will protect our tenants by reacting swiftly and efficiently should any issues arise.


Regardless of property type, we will do the marketing for you. We will:

  • Advertise through local and global real estate search engines and apps.
  • Advertise through major classified and internet
  • Apartment rentals
  • Vacation rentals
  • Commercial rentals

At any time, we have a team working to give you 100% occupancy and minimize costs.

Archive Service

  • A separate archive is kept for each building. It contains all invoices, leases, official documents, permits, legal notes and any other pertinent information.
  • The contents of the archive are available at any time.

International Owners Representation

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service to owners around the globe including: USA, China, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, and Israel. So no matter where you are, you will enjoy our exceptional service and constant updates about the goings-on in your building.