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Sumner and Marjorie Kinney, Ari Hecht

Thank you  Sumner and Marjorie Kinney, and Renee and Crystal at Philbrook & Associates,  for your  help in supporting our ownership transition over the past eight weeks.  The excitement and energy here at Kinney Rentals is palpable. We are humbled and inspired by the challenges and opportunities before us.

Ari, John and Karen
Team Kinney

Rental Property Market Snapshot: Rockland

Every week we will take a look at at a community along the midcoast and assess trends, transactions, challenges and opportunities for the rental property market.
Residential: The residential rental market in Rockland remains extremely tight. Occupancy is almost 100% for the 200+ units we track.
A lot of “deferred maintainence” has sustained low rent levels and insufficiently looked after units. There is a desperate need for low income housing, as well as plenty of folks from here and “away” looking for a higher standard then what is available.